Islam and the West: misunderstandings and injustices, why and how?


Remark: This page has to be rewritten as it is a quick (and bad) translation of the French text. Once the French Website will be finalized, then translations will be finalized. Meanwhile,  have a look at the 24 pages of the French version. If you want to help for the translation, please contact us!

1 / Lie + Manipulation = Injustice.
2 / Ignorance -> Fear -> Hatred -> Violence = Injustice.
These are the two equations demonstrated on this website.

This website also provides an analysis of misunderstandings and injustices with 6 main themes of the Islam and West relationships:
1 and 2/ Manipulation and Racism.
3 and 4/ War and Colonization.
5 and 6/ Israel and Islam.

In fact, man is neither bad nor racist. He just tries to make life easier. Why to work hard or to make efforts with your neighbor, when you can just kill him to get peace and his wealth? But man has a moral, so his leaders manipulate him to kill his neighbor in the name of defending the nation or for the glory of God. This Website shows these manipulations and lies that poison the Islam-West relationships.

In the chapter Suggestions this Website presents solutions that have already been tried and which could ameliorate relationships between Islam and the West. Thus we can prevent the clash of civilizations theory to become a reality. This theory, according to his author, S. Huntington says that the conflict between Islam and the West is unavoidable.

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch without doing anything.

Mutual understanding is the solution. Having a better knowledge of the past  helps to understand the present. As the French and Germans did: they had the intelligence to analyze historical motivations of their hatred. Then they engaged in brotherhood. We shall do the same between Islam and the West! A similar approach was undertaken in South Africa between Blacks and Whites.

How to act

Union: we are divided into countries, political ideologies, religions, etc. Let us unite in the name of justice! United we can stop what drives us to misunderstanding, hatred and war between Islam and the West.

A simple step: support the Facebook page Islam-Occident and share your opinion in the comments. Thank You.



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